History of Criminal Hypnosis Criminal hypnosis cannot be studied in normal experiments, because the experiment would be unethical. Perpetrators do not write books about the crimes they committed. Part I of this book contains four major case histories of criminal hypnosis which have been researched either by psychiatrists or investigative journalists. Each of those case histories are clear-cut, well-studied, detailed cases of hypnotic abuse-deceitful, amnesic, chronic, and damaging. Scattered throughtout the book, many other significant cases involving criminal mind control are also described.

For example, “Z,” in Germany of the 1920s, finally figured out what hit him and never quit trying to get the truth out. Mrs. E. suffered in Heidelberg until her husband called the cops and Dr. Mayer extablished the evidence which sent two predatory hypnotists to jail. A “guru” hypnotized his cellmate, Palle Hardwick, in a Danish prison, making him a puppet who would later rob banks and murder because of hypnotic conditioning. Palle’s police psychiatrist, Dr. Reiter, solved the case and sent the criminal hypnotist to jail. Candy Jones, a popular model and World War II pinup girl, was trapped into becoming an unknowing guinea pig in CIA experiments on narcohypnosis, personality-splitting, and torture - until her unconscious revolted and began to serve truth and freedom instead.

The case histories in this book also illustrate the development of mind-control technologies over the past two-hundred and fifty years. The personal characteristics of an unethical hypnotist also evolved over those years. Low-class predators looking for easy profit by a super-scam are always around. The free-lance scientific researchers of 19th century Europe, however, have been joined by anonymous secret agency hirelings, or graduate school bad boys directed by covert organization-man MDs and PhDs. All have sought the unholy grail of absolute control in absolute secrecy for personal profit, or for whomever is paying.

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