Thank you, God, for the task, for the opportunity to accomplish it, and for mercies and miracles along the way. 

    Thank you to every person who has ever bought a book of mine.  You encouraged my spirit and enabled me to be a full-time researcher and writer.  Thank you to all who have read my writings or listened to my talks in person, on audio, or video. You saw my soul and I hope you became my friend.

    Thank you to previous authors who struggled to collect, record, and disseminate information about mind-control technologies and their abuses.  Each writer added nuggets of precious knowledge to the public store and, thereby, made my work easier.  Their books were carefully, even tediously, researched - not easy to write.  Few sold well.  Most passed quickly out of print and were soon forgotten, the author's hard work neither financially nor socially rewarded.   They all battled against the attitude of "Secret, don't tell."  I am so grateful.  (However, the inclusion of one or more quotes from any author should not be taken to mean that I agree with every statement by that person.)

    Thank you to all the librarians who have helped me research, especially those anonymous angels working in the Seattle Public Library interlibrary loan system.  You faithfully searched out my hundreds of requests for books and articles on hypnosis and other mind-control technologies.  Thanks to Laurel Warg for special research assistance. You helped find answers to my many questions. 

    Thank you to my many, and precious, personal friends.  Over the years I've struggled to become able to talk, read, and write about this difficult subject, you listened with compassion.  Every time you listened, you took into yourself a part of my heavy burden and it became lighter and more manageable for me. You supported me with firm arms, lovingly, even when you couldn't see where we were going. You critiqued, scolded, counseled, raged, comforted, tried your best to light up my dark places. I could never have done it without you.

    Thank you to all who put a roof over my head and set a place at the table for me, no questions asked, during the years I lived in hiding to complete this book.  Thanks to all who nagged me to make backup copies until I did it, to you who fixed my ancient hardware or helped me shop for bargains in newer models, who explained software to me, or cleaned up my word processing messes.   Thank you to the legion of volunteers who, over the past dozen years, have listened to, or read, versions of this manuscript and tried to help me overcome mental blocks against writing on this subject.  Gradually, we transformed it from gibberish to sense.

    Thank you to all who worked to accomplish the final version of this book.  You did editing, layout, printing, binding, the websites, and distribution. Each of you courageously fulfilled a step toward making this information available to the public. You know who you are and you know how humbly grateful I am. Without you this massive project could never have been completed.

    I especially thank Nora O., another survivor of unethical hypnosis. She paid the heavy price of a heart attack for editing this book on a subject that always made her heart go too fast.

    Thank you also to Corey Smigliani.  She carefully read every word of this litany of human sin and tragedy, though it sometimes made her cry.  Then she eloquently communicated the mute pain of victims of abusive hypnosis in the many illustrations of this book.

Thank you for choosing to spend time with this book.  I send my love and all I've learned.  May every sleeper hear this call to wake and tear the wall of silence down!

    Yes, you!  It is not just hypnotic subjects who sleep.   (A "subject" is a person who is, or has been, hypnotized.) Ignorance and apathy have lulled so many into somnolence. So this book is for all readers who want to be well informed. Knowing real facts about hypnosis will help you make wiser choices. This book is also for those courageous individuals who are trained in hypnosis and who believe truth and justice are more important than professional solidarity, lobbying postures, income protection - even personal safety.   And it is for legal specialists who may some day use this information in court to fight for justice.

    Especially, this book is for survivors of abusive hypnosis: past, present, and future.  May every sleeper who yearns to wake and struggle toward freedom of mind find the courage to seek help in that waking and the blessing of achieving it.


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