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From corrupt therapists to unethical researchers to secretive government agencies, Svengalis have victimized the unsuspecting and the imprudent. SECRET, DON’T TELL is a good read about this too-long closed subject, exposing the darker side of hypnotism throughout history - a world where real-life Svengalis abuse their hapless Trilbys.

Born from the author’s own painful experience with unethical hypnosis, SECRET, DON’T TELL is the product of over a decade of interviews and diligent scholarly research. It is a true encyclopedia in the field of hypnosis and modern mind-control technologies, indispensable for anyone interested in trance phenomena, psychotherapy, counseling, or related fields of law or law enforcement. Yet Carla Emery’s writing is far from stuffy or academic. This book is intensely readable, with the pace of an excellent suspense novel. It is both compelling and terrifying and every word is true.

Carla Emery is a mother, speaker, and writer - especially of encyclopedias. She is the author of the critically and publicly acclaimed Encyclopedia of Country Living, a basic reference work in the field of family food production (“goats and gardens”). In print for 25 years, currently in its ninth edition, this old-fashioned recipe book and how-to manual now has some 400,000 copies in print. She is also a perceptive watcher and clarion of world events affecting our environment, health, freedoms, and fortunes.

Now, after a dozen years of work, her second encyclopedia is finished. The Secret, Don’t Tell has been told. This is a big book: 325,000 words, 560 pages, 81/2 x 11. It is also beautifully illustrated with seventeen color paintings and more than a hundred grey-scale and black-and-while paintings by a brilliant young Boston artist, Corey Smigliani.


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